Our Strength:

Strength in business, not donations.

As a forward-thinking company, we know businesses that adopt policies to benefit society will eventually do better than those that do not, which in turn benefits the cause even more. Our cause is our strength and with strength comes change.

Funding charities with 100% ~of our profits will help our business customers indirectly help sustain charities that we support.

This helps negate the need of the charities we support to solely rely on donations.

Revenue growth with trends ~where the payment industry is set to reinforce our business model. In 2018 consumer spending on debit, credit and contactless payments topped 15.1 billion and by 2028 is set to hit 22.3 billion.

This equates to roughly £156,100 net transaction fee revenues per 1% market share. Our aim is to drive a substantial proportion of this into charitable causes every year.  

With this being only part of our commercial operations, the future of businesses sustaining charities could very well become a trend that Go2services are at the forefront.

Realising this will require a tremendous undertaking and with support from businesses requiring our utility services we believe this will spark a fundamental shift in how charities are sustained, at least partly.