Our strategy:

2021 - 2031 #Wecare Strategy

Instead of charities relying on donations we are breaking ground by providing business to business (B2B) services. A ground breaking strategy for an ever changing world.


2021 - 2031 #Wecare Strategy

Instead of charities relying on donations we are breaking ground by providing business to business (B2B) services. A ground breaking strategy for an ever changing world.

We stand at the beginning of a new 10 year journey. The face of our world is changing. Our strategy is to help businesses be socially responsible by giving  businesses a more ethical choices in their payment and energy needs.

Go2services act as a broker between businesses and the energy and payments providers, and by using our brokerage services, 100% of our profits which we receive as a finders fee from these energy and payments companies gets donated to 12 of the leading UK charities without it costing businesses an extra penny"

We believe Go2services will become the largest payment end energy broker in the UK within the next 10 years.

We believe this is achievable because ~we can provide a like for like replacement on products and services at the same or better cost and we believe in the human sprit. After all, we provide a like for like service at similar or better cost while making businesses aware that we give 100% of our profits to help prevent and help save our climate, our children, our hero's, our homeless, our terminally ill and those it affects.

Together we can stop lining the pockets of wealthy shareholders with billions of pounds and give that money to people that really need it.

Our strategy is a promise to simply do better–to relentlessly pursue our vision, to help give back dignity and basic human rights for people that are truly in need, until: 

* Climate issues are behind us

* Diseases are a thing of the past

* The People that are effected are cared for are protected

Trusting and working together

“ I strongly believe businesses in the UK will care too and will come together and do the right thing for their friends, thier families, their planet and their customers.

- Nunn. Kevin
​(Go2 Services)

Overcoming barriers

Recognising and overcoming barriers to success- is at the core of Go2's foundation, and is the reason why diversifying our staff and keeping good on our vision and values to promote success of our #WeCare Campaign is so important.

Our culture. We recognise that if its members are not in unison and guided to share its values and vision we will not be able to make big changes. Our values will have to resonate from the top downwards.

To make this work we need to let go of some old ways of thinking and acting, and promote compassion, forward thinking, values and our vision to unify our voice as one. After all, for us to make the #WeCare campaign a true success we have to be in complete synergy.

The lack of diversity ~ in an organisation will hinder its overall objectives. This is why our we have brought in talent from all different backgrounds, religions and ethnic groups into our team.

A business is only as good as it's members, –and this is why we will relentlessly pursue like minded individuals that believe share our values and beliefs is the right thing to do.

Keeping in check–the ethics and motives of our members and partners. After all, getting lost with ulterior motives or trying to promote personal gain could be hugely damaging to our great cause, and is something we will not tolerate. To stop this from ever happening we hold internal reviews, promote our policies and train our staff extensively by promoting ethics and reminding them of our good work and vision for a better future. 

Strategic operations

Being an organisation that is not driven by personal gain, the costs, operational efficiencies, process design and investment strategies are at the forefront of our agenda to ensure that Go2 will perform and function both cost and operationally efficient, which will help endure long term viability. A great deal of thought has gone into core strategic operations to secure a future over the long term to be able to achieve our goals for a better future together.

Outsourcing ~is a modern way to source skills without the overheads associated with full or part time employment and by utilising we can ensure efficiency. 

Human resources and training ~is very important to us because we have to ensure all members and employees are aware of their job roles/responsibilities. This limits intervention and helps us operate in unison with one clear and focused goal.

Automated workflow design ~is a core consideration in how we function and operate. For the whole operation to be efficient, many processes where human intervention is required can and have been replaced with both automation and automated workflows.

Process and capacity design ~is applied by contracting commercial operations of our goods and services so we can maintain the same about of workers and members, even if the demand increases. This leaves us to focus on what is important.

The design of goods and services ~has been well thought out so we can provide like-for-like products and services to all small, medium and large sized businesses. We have done this to enhance our proposition by limiting barriers to market and ensuring higher uptake amongst our target groups.

Supply chain management ~is adaptable to safeguard against any major changes if any were to ever arise. We have done this by acquiring the rights to offer our products and services under the Go2Services brand from 3rd parties. This doubles up by helping Go2's operational efficiency, and also limits its liability against market shifts. Ultimately, this secures long-term viability. Furthermore, Go2 will review our relationships with parties of our supply chain annually to broaden its financial and charitable objectives when or if it needs to.