Thank you for deciding to join our cause and we trust you are proud to be part of the #WeCare movement. 

On this page you will find some pre-formatted social media posts  that you can use to inform your customers and spread the good word.

Guideline Statement

This guideline aims to protect our image and to limit misinformation in the public domain. We encourage you to take responsibility for what you write and exercise good judgement when you mention Go2Services.

Guidelines: Do's and Don'ts

◾ DO use pre-formatted posts on your social media channels.

◾ DO share charity posts, events, and stories.

◾ DO express your own opinion. Just to make sure it’s clear you’re not speaking on behalf of Go2 or any of our partners.

◾ DO use our example posts if you'd rather not write one yourself.

◾ DON’T engage with negative coverage.

◾ DON’T make any claims unless those are official statements made by us.

◾ DON’T use any of our collateral if you are representing a business that does not use our services.

    #wecare @yourbusiness (Public Announcement)
    We have some great news. We just replaced our Energy, Payments and epos supplier with Go2Services.co.uk.

    Go2Services is an ethical business that pledges 75% of its profits to 14 leading UK charities. How great is that?

    Let's make a difference together!

    Find out more: https://www.go2services.co.uk

    #wecare @yourbusiness (Public Announcement)
    We just switched our payment, energy and epos suppliers with Go2! 

    Will your business help our heroes, our children, our homeless, the climate, cure disease and those that it effects?

    Just switch with Go2services and 75% of their profits go to 14 leading UK charities.